Chilli Campervan Pre-Sale

Our Campervan Pre-Sale gives you the option of purchasing a previously owned campervan for your travels through New Zealand before you have even arrived. This means less hassle for you as it allows you to spend more time exploring this beautiful country rather than spending your first few weeks trying to find the perfect vehicle for your needs. Chilli Rentals will do the searching for you! Here is how it works: If you’d like some more information please use the request form below, fill in your details and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Request Form Pre-Sale

If you’d like more information about the Chilli Rentals Campervan Pre-Sale option please fill in the form below:

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NOTE: This request is entirely free of charge. I will receive further information and details regarding the booking process and vehicle purchase via email.

Further Information

Your benefits at first sight
Your personal benefits:
  • no hassle
  • more time for other formalities and/or sightseeing
  • immediate mobility upon arrival
A vehicle with functioning guarantee

this includes:

  • an updated and valid Warrant of Fitness (WoF)
  • an updated and valid Vehicle Registration (Rego)
  • the safe knowledge that the vehicle has been mechanically inspected and any necessary repairs have been undertaken
More benefits:
  • best possible cost-performance ratio
  • additional buy back option so you know you’re vehicle will be sold after your travels (Buy Back Option)
Vehicle categories available

You can choose between the following types of vehicle:

Station Wagon

A standard station wagon – just without any back seats. Instead it comes equipped with a mattress and heaps of room to comfortably sleep two people. We can get station wagons with stowable back seats, however, this is rather inconvenient for sleeping arrangements. Please let us know your preferences when making a request. This category does not have a built-in kitchen. The station wagon is our most economical option with little extras. Your benefits? You won’t need a lot of petrol and can travel faster. If you opt for stowable back seats you could even fit up to 4 people in a vehicle, but would have to make tent camping or hostel accommodation part of your itinerary. We therefore recommend the station wagon for short trips or when travelling during the summer months as staying overnight in a tent will be more comfortable in summer rather than winter and you can still save money. Possible vehicle model: Ford Mondeo or similar Sample picture: Pre Sale Ford Station Wagon

Station Wagon with roof mounted tent

A standard station wagon as you know it – with lots of room for up to 5 people. Thanks to its sufficient storage space it also allows room for luggage and more. Part of the equipment is a roof mounted tent that easily unfolds as well as a separate tent for 2 additional people. Your benefits? You won’t need a lot of petrol and you can travel faster even as a group. You will, however, have to make do without extra comforts such as a built-in kitchen or a mattress. We therefore recommend the station wagon for summer trips as staying overnight in a tent will be more comfortable in summer rather than winter. Possible vehicle models: Nissan Note (small), Ford Mondeo (big) or similar Sample picture: Pre Sale Ford Tent Version

Light Van (small)

It offers slightly more space than the station wagon and also comes equipped with a mattress, offering slleping space for up to 2 people. There is no built-in kitchen and you shouldn’t expect too many extras. Similar to the station wagon this category is mostly economical on petrol and lets you travel faster. If requested we can get the van with back seats rather than a mattress. However, in that case sleeping in a tent or hostel will be unavoidable. Possible vehicle category: Honda Odyssey or similar Sample picture: Pre Sale Honda Odyssey

Light Van (big)

This model is slightly more spacious than the light van (small) and equipped with a mattress that sleeps 2 people. This category usually comes with a built-in kitchen so there’s little room for any extra people. In return you get lots of extras and basically everything you need (apart from an on-board toilet) to travel around New Zealand – even during the winter months. You’ll also be economical and can travel quite fast. Possible vehicle model: Toyota Estima or similar Sample picture: Pre Sale Toyota Estima

Full Van

The full van offers pretty much everything (apart from an on-board toilet) you need for long trips through New Zealand. It comfortably sits 3 people and sleeps 2. Should you travel in a group we therefore recommend camping or staying overnight in hostels. This category usually comes with a built-in kitchen and anything else you might need for your trip – even during the winter months. Possible vehicle models: Toyota Hiace, Kia Preggio or similar Sample picture: Pre Sale Campervan Full Van

Please note!

Please be aware that we are NOT selling brand new vehicles. If you choose to make use of our campervan pre-sale option you will be sold a second hand or previously owned campervan. Rest assured, though: All vehicles sold by Chilli Rentals are being mechanically inspected and any faults or damage will be repaired prior to selling the vehicle.

However, because New Zealand road conditions can be quite challenging, please be aware that things can break especially during long trips. We cannot guarantee that your vehicle won’t break down while you’re travelling. Should anything happen please don’t hesitate to contact us, though! We are more than happy to assist you with any queries, issues or possible repairs if necessary.

Due to market trends prices of our pre-sale vehicles can increase especially during high season. Please enquire fully before placing your order to avoid confusion.

What we offer
An operational warranty:

Prior to us selling you a vehicle it will have been mechanically inspected and any faults or damages will have been repaired. That means you can rest assured that you are purchasing a vehicle in top condition. You also get a valid Warrant of Fitness (WoF) and Vehicle Registration (Rego). The vehicle will therefore be safe and legal for usage on New Zealand roads. However, we can not guarantee that nothing will break while you’re travelling.

Professional service:

All of our staff are experts who use their knowledge and know-how on a daily base to find and prepare the perfect vehicle for you. This is what our service is all about: professional and friendly.

A buy back option:

Save the best for last. To take away your worries of what’s going to happen with your vehicle when you’ve finished your travels we do offer you a range of buy back options. To find out more please read the conditions required for our buy back option.

Further service:
  • We do offer further services regarding your vehicle and any built-in equipment. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your queries or wishes.
  • Free airport shuttle-service: If you land in Auckland and plan on picking up your campervan straight away we offer you a free pick-up and drop-off service. This is also available in Auckland-Manukau should you have accommodation there. For any other areas please contact us and we are happy to assist you in organising your arrival. Same goes if you choose to use our buy back option. Please let us know beforehand so we can arrrange or assist you with your arrival.
Why campervan pre-sale?

You are still in your home country and have decided to purchase a car or campervan to travel through New Zealand before even arriving here? There’s a few reasons why that would be beneficial:

  • When buying a campervan from previous backpackers here in New Zealand you never know what you get. It has happened numerous times that a privately sold campervan ended up causing a lot of issues that the previous owners were purposely hiding. You, however, might not notice until the next inspection comes around (Warrant of Fitness – WoF). Any issues, damages or safety concerns can be costly to fix, but not doing so will result in you loosing your WoF and Registration – and your only means of transport.
  • Buying a car in New Zealand can take a lot of time – precious time that you would probably much rather spend travelling. Opting for our Campervan Pre-Sale will save you time and money – and nasty surprises once hitting the road.
Fees and charges

Service Fee

Charge for making an enquiry

Any enquiries made to Chilli Rentals using our request form are free of charge. There is no financial cost involved.

Booking Fee

For every booking with Chilli Rentals, whether you’re renting or buying a car or campervan, a non-refundable booking fee of $150 incurs. This fee is being used for all the things that come with looking for the right car: organisation, planning, inspection, cleaning and mechanical repairs. We pride ourselves with offering high quality vehicles and always ensure that everything is in order at the time of pick-up, that the vehicle is fully equipped with all the necessary gear and that there are no safety issues.

Advanced Payment

When you decide to make a booking or buy a vehicle from us we ask for a down payment of $450. This is a security deposit in case of a no-show. Unfortunately it does happen sometimes that we invest a lot of time and effort into finding the right vehicle – only to be stood up. But don’t worry. Once you have inspected your vehicle and decide to rent or buy the $450 will be credited against your final bill.

Included Equipment

Our PreSale Campers comes with the following extras:

  • all linen including blankets and sheets
  • mattress
  • gas cooking stove
  • camping table and 2 chairs
  • utensils and dishes, plates, cups and bowls
  • all cooking utensils including kettle
  • 24-hour roadside assistance with AAplus (6 months inclusive)

NOTE: The equipment of each vehicle can vary and depends on the type of camper you choose. Special wishes are being dealt with only upon request.