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This is what our customers have told us so far:

Camper hired from – to: 23th December 2016 – 12th January 2017

Outstanding Job, Steve, Lewis and Andre!

We absolutely can recommand Chilli Rentals. The boys make a very good job. From the request till the service in Auckland, absolutely great!

100% reliability
100% friendly
100% quality vehicles

The best thing what could happend for New Zealand! 😉

Fabian W.

Camper purchased on: 28th March 2016

Hi Guys from Chilli Camper Sales.

It´s been now nearly one year since i bought with a friend a car from your company. And I wanna say THANK YOU!!! It´s been a amazing Year and your car helped us a lot! We had no big problems and your car worked always very good.

All the best.

Dominikus M.

Camper purchased on: 29th January 2015

Hi, we arrived in Auckland on Friday and were picked up by Steve the very next day and taken to look at the vehicles. The selection was huge! We opted for a Mazda Premacy 2002. Because we had issues getting the money to pay for the vehicle we were able to stay with Steve for free until Thursday!!! We are extremely satisfied with our vehicle and definitely recommend Chilli Rentals!

Thank you.

Laura K.

Camper hired from – to: 7th March 2015 – 9th April 2015

Hey guys, we can definitely recommend Chilli Rentals as we’ve had an awesome experience from the very beginning and always felt well looked after. The team has explained everything we needed to know and even send us heaps of additional information to assist us with our travels through New Zealand.
Chilli Rentals has always been available to get in touch with and also helped us out when we had issues with the car battery. Steve is a cool dude and always tries to do the best for anyone who is renting his vehicles. One little criticism, however, is the return of the vehicle.
We couldn’t get a hold of Steve and had to find someone else from Chilli Rentals to help us drop off our vehicle. But the campervans are awesome and you definitely get good service for your money!

We’d choose Chilli Rentals again to hire a campervan any time!

Kevin and Sarah

Camper hired on: 20th December 2015

The customer service team went above and beyond to help us with our New Zealand trip. We were even able to chat with the team and receive updates about our rental via What’s-App.

It was a great experience overall and we will use Chilli Rentals again next time!

Ryan G.

Campervan purchased on: late October 2014

We bought our campervan of Steve/Chilli Rentals in October 2014. The service was awesome right from the start. We were still in Germany when the guys got in touch via WhatsApp to keep us up to date about what’s happening with our vehicle.
The atmosphere was friendly and informal, we felt like part of a family which in return made us feel welcome in this foreign country from the very beginning.
We were totally satisfied with our “Suzie” (Toyota Lucida): a huge bed with heaps of storage space, an integrated kitchen in the back, a large sun window in the roof to watch the stars at night… we had everything you need when traveling New Zealand.
Unfortunately “Suzie” did let us down occasionally while we were traveling together for 6 months (after all she was 19 years old), but the service we received from Chilli Rentals in those situations was excellent! Steve booked the car into the nearest service station and even offered to pay for the repairs – which he definitely didn’t have to do! On top of that he organized free accommodation for us while we were waiting for the car to be fixed! How could we have wished for anything more?
When our trip had come to an end we did have a few issues selling Suzie on (as most backpackers do), so Steve bought her off us for a very reasonable price (this was when it paid off that we had looked after this granny so well, constantly checking and refilling water and oil and doing a full service while we had her).

A big thank you to the Chilli Rentals team!
You did a great deal for us and helped us have a happy travel adventure. Anytime again!

Lisa (& Nadine)

Camper hired from – to: 3rd November 2015 – 4th January 2016

I highly recommend Chilli Rentals! For a great price our Campervan rental came with all the necessary equipment for a perfect camping experience. The team was extremely helpful and gave us extra tips for traveling the New Zealand roads.