Chilli Rentals Terms and Conditions – Overview

Terms and Conditions

In order to hire a campervan with Chilli Rentals you need to have a valid full driver licence. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions to find out what other requirements you need to meet before choosing Chilli Rentals.

Insurance Terms and Conditions

Chilli Rental vehicles are fully insured for visitors to New Zealand. However, due to road qualities and driving conditions in NZ, insurance excesses are very high. By paying a daily insurance waiver fee you can keep your excess low in case anything unforeseen does happen. For more information read our Insurance Terms and Conditions.

Price List and Conditions
Whether you travel New Zealand during High or Low Season – with Chilli Rentals you get low prices all year round. Please check out our Price List and decide for yourself whether our offers are right for you!
Buy Back Option
We offer to buy back any vehicle purchased from Chilli Rentals to take away the hassle of having to sell it again at the end of your travels. Read our Buy Back Option to find out what critera you have to meet to use this option.

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