Your feedback is important to us! We can only improve our service if you let us know your thoughts on how we did. We aim for quality, and to ensure a consistent quality we rely on your comments. Please use the form below to rate our service, let us know what worked well and what didn’t and what you think we could do different in the future. We’re also looking forward to your travel reports while touring with a Chilli Rentals campervan!

This is what our customers have told us so far:

Camper rented from/to: 02/03/2019 – 19/03/2019 (Super Traveller)

Hello lovely Chilli Team,

The van was very comfortable and a pleasure to drive, it was great to sleep with the back open watching the southern stars and listening to the trout splashing. I was pleased with the level of extras provided, the sat-nav was very useful. I found Andre and Louis extremely helpful and easy to deal with.

Thank you.

Ian A.

Camper rented from/to: 28/12/2018 – 13/01/2019 (Tastee Tourer)

KiaOra Steve and Andre,

thanks for your great service. We had a wonderful time in New Zealand.

All the best.

Karen M.

Camper rented from/to: 05/12/2018 – 14/12/2018 (Super Traveller)

Hello Team.

We had a fantastic time in the campervan and we have recommended you to other people. My partner will be putting some photos on FB and tag chillies in them.
We also had a month in New Zealand altogether as we have family there, the camper and the staff at chillies we’re brilliant,

So thank you very much.

John M.

Camper bought on: 14/09/2018 (Campervan Sale)

Hello Chilli Team.

I bought a van from these company and it was a very good experience. From getting picked up to selling the van after my trip was ended.

Friendly and quality service guaranteed from this company.

Nate A.

Camper rented from/to: 10/11/2018 – 17/12/2018 (Trustee Traveller)


Chilli Rentals awesome friendly team with an amazing product for renting. Was picked up and dropped off from airport and the van was a good value for money product.

Was a great holiday

Brandon H.

Camper rented from/to: 28/12/2017 – 17/01/2018 (Tastee Tourer)

Hello Chilli Rentals Team.

We had the most amazing trip- with absolutely no worries with the van. All of your service has been fantastic.

So thank you so much.

Will be recommending to all of our friends!

Phoebe R.

Camper bought on: 03/08/2017 (Pre-Sale)

Hello Chilli team.

It was a great pleasure to do business with Chilli Camper Sales. The Chrysler Voyager was a reliable car for the whole 6 months (done almost 10,000 km) of our stay in New Zealand. It was well maintained when we bought it and we had no issues. Whenever there were questions, the customer service reacted very fast and his answers were helpful.
We were able to sell the car at the end of our stay for 70% of its purchase price at a car market in Auckland.
In total it pays out to invest a little bit more money upfront to buy a car from a trustworthy company.

We highly recommend Chilli Rentals and Camper Sales in Auckland

Juergen A.

Camper bought on: 21/08/2017 (Pre-Sale)


we are super happy with our decision to buy a vehicle with Chilli Camper Sales. It definitely saved us a lot of time and effort.

The guys at Chilli are really nice and had a lot of patience with us. We weren’t entirely satisfied with the vehicle we were originally presented with. However, the Chilli staff got a vehicle ready for us the very same day that did meet all of our expectations.

Now we’re very happy with our vehicle and are saying a big thank you to Chilli Camper Sales!


Christina N.

Camper bought on: 07/04/2017

Dear Chilli team,

we really liked the website of Chilli and Kiwiquest. Everything was informative and intuitive. Every time we needed something, Nils and Andre were there straight away. Communicating with Chilli in New Zealand was just as easy. We also liked the fact that you had four different vehicle categories, from which you could choose a vehicle for a fixed price.

Thank you so much for your efforts! We definitely recommend you to all New Zealand travellers!

Nadine and Benny

Camper bought on: 23/02/2017

Everything went really smooth which was great! Even before starting our travels we had the security of knowing we already has a vehicle. We also appreciated being picked up from the train station, then we had several vehicle options available at the Chilli depot and were shown and explained everything in detail.

We can’t actually think of anything negative or that needs to be improved. If so, we will let you know later! So far everything is going sweet!

Jonathan and Theresa T.

Camper rented from/to: 22/02/2017 – 15/03/2017 (Vroom Small)

Dear team,

we couldn’t have had it any better! The staff was super nice and even though we had a broken windscreen we didn’t have any issues. The car was fantastic and everything organized easily.

You’re always there for your customers. Keep it up!

Sarah and Kevin

Camper rented from/to: 19/02/2017 – 11/03/2017 (Super Traveller)

Dear André, Steve und Lewis,

Thank you for helping us have the best adventure ever!

With the excellent preparation and help from Andre, Steve, Lewis and our son Steve everything went smooth as and all we had to do all day is chill out.

Our campervan was perfect. It had all the equipment we needed, it was comfortable and we didn’t miss anything and therefore had a fantastic time. Our vehicle took us to all the places we wanted to see and thanks to the windows all around we could even gaze at the stars night and in the morning had a beautiful view of the ocean right after waking up.

We are extremely thankful for all the effort you guys have put into this! You are amazing! Your service was great and despite our lack of English, Steve was able to give us a really good introduction and even picked us up from the airport and dropped us off after our adventure. Thank you so much for allowing us to have such a splendid time. We will always remember you and will most likely come back again!

Uwe and Petra (50+)

Uwe and Petra B.

Camper rented from/to: 18/02/2017 – 20/03/2017 (Tastee Tourer)

Dear Chilli Team,

We loved to call the Tastee Tourer our home for almost 5 weeks and 7000 kilometres. The engine was reliable, there was lots of space within the vehicle for 2 people and everything went really smooth. Your team was so flexible and nice, the best I have ever met (and I have travelled the world qute a bit).

You are putting a lot of blood and sweat into your work and I wish you all the best!

Nicole W.

Camper bought on: 25/01/2017 (Pre-Sale)

Dear Chilli team,

buying a vehicle from you including a roof mounted tent made my time in New Zealand unforgettable. Everything went smoothly, starting with getting in touch for the first time, then contacting you guys in New Zealand as well as picking up and buying my car. I have been driving it for a total of 6 months and never had any issues! The idea of a tent mounted to the roof of a vehicle is genius!

Thank you so much for everything!

Katrin L.

Camper hired from – to: 23/12/2016 – 12/01/2017

Outstanding job, Steve, Lewis and Andre!

We absolutely can recommend Chilli Rentals. The boys are doing a very good job. From the request till the service in Auckland, absolutely great!

100% reliability
100% friendly
100% quality vehicles

The best thing that could have happened for us in New Zealand! 😉

Fabian W.

Camper bought on: 07/12/2016

Dear Team,

I was very satisfied with Chilli Camper Sales. Steve and Lewis gave me excellent advice, were always there for me and Steve even drove me into Auckland city. All I can say about Chilli Rentals is positive – and I will definitely recommend them.

Thank you for everything!

Simon W.

Camper bought on: 12/05/2016

Dear Chilli team,

thank you so much again for your support. The service you provided was awesome!


Tobias B.

Camper purchased on: 28/032016

Hi Guys from Chilli Camper Sales.

It’s been nearly one year since I bought a car from your company with a friend. And I want to say THANK YOU!!! It’s been an amazing year and your car helped us a lot! We had no big problems and your car worked always very good.

All the best.

Dominikus M.

Camper bought on: 30/01/2016 (used buy-back option)

Lots of greetings from Te Haruhi Bay Campground!

Here is our feedback:

To begin with:
+ super fast communication
+ very friendly
+ top offers
+ well-arranged and comprehensible
+ super service

Vehicle Purchase:
+ excellent price-service-ratio
+ straight-forward process
+ flexible pick-up date to suit our schedule
+ custom modification of the van on the spot
+ camping starter set inclusive
+ very friendly, welcoming and honest
+ superb maintenance and great service

We are extremely grateful for your services. Without you we probably wouldn’t have been at this beautiful location now.


Angela & Jann

Angela and Jann

Camper bought on: 07/01/2016

Dear Chilli Team.

In Auckland everything went according to plan when we purchased the vehicle. Everything was explained to us in detail. However, we were a bit shocked at first spotting the tent mounted to the roof of our car. We had never seen the likes of it before and thought we were getting a campervan.

Now we’re actually really happy with our vehicle. The roof-mounted tent gives us so much more space which is awesome! The car is running without any issues. We are generally happy and satisfied and will definitely recommend Chilli Rentals.

Warm greetings

Lotta und Bruno

Bruno T.

Camper bought on:27/12/2015

Dear Chilli Team.

The purchase process was very straightforward. We did choose a different vehicle than the one that was originally prepared for us (within our budget), but we didn’t regret a thing. We love our Toyota Estima! Steve and his son were extremely helpful and gave us lots of tips and information. We are very satisfied and would choose Chilli Rentals any time. Thank you guys!

Maggi und Basti

Magda Z.

Camper hired on: 20/12/2015

The customer service team went above and beyond to help us with our New Zealand trip. We were even able to chat with the team and receive updates about our rental via WhatsApp.

It was a great experience overall and we will use Chilli Rentals again next time!

Ryan G.

Camper purchased on: 17/12/2015

Kia Ora

Everything went well! Steve was very kind and even picked us up from the train station! Everything was great and straightforward, no complications!


Marco D.

Camper purchased on: 12/12/2015 (Pre-Sale)


wir are very happy with the whole process of buying our car.

Because we were able to sort it all out while still in Germany, we didn’t have to worry about not having a vehicle when we arrived in New Zealand.

Steve in Auckland is a great guy and very helpful 🙂 You can always contact him if something isn’t working. For example, shortly after we left Auckland the gearbox in our Hyundai started playing up. Steve told us to come back straight away and gave us a new vehicle, a Honda Stream. That vehicle is going sweet!

Even when we had issues getting the cash to pay for the car, Steve and Andre were very helpful by being flexible.

Dimitri and Carina

Camper purchased on: 07/12/2015

Thank you very much! I had so much fun travelling through New Zealand! We’re back home now, unfortunately. We MISS the summer and want to come back!

We had no issues at all when purchasing our vehicle from Chilli Rentals and enjoyed the service Steve gave us. The car worked well and made it the whole way. We had no problems.

Keep going boys!

Jonas B.

Camper bought on: 02/12/2015

We bought our Chilli Rentals Campervan more than 2 months ago and are absolutely satisfied. Steve and his son are amazing and the vehicle they provided us with is very reliable. Not some old wagon that hundreds of backpackers have demolished already, then tried to piece it back together. Top service, definitely recommending Chilli!

Keep it up!

Maggi F.

Camper bought on: 05/11/2015

Hello dear Chilli Camper Sales Team

I just liked your Facebook Page and wanted to thank you for the excellent service! Amazing! That’s all I can say!

Keep it up!

Leon R.

Camper hired from – to: 03/11/2015 – 04/01/2016

I highly recommend Chilli Rentals! For a great price our Campervan rental came with all the necessary equipment for a perfect camping experience. The team was extremely helpful and gave us extra tips for traveling New Zealand roads.


Camper bought on: 17/10/2015 (used buy-back option)

We bought a second hand vehicle of Chilli Rentals and Camper Sales in October 2015 and were super happy with how everything went. We were going to travel for 6 months and needed a mini van with sleeping arrangements, the perfect car for New Zealand.

We told Chilli Rentals our budget and made an initial down payment. In addition to lots of tips and information shortly after arriving in Auckland, the whole process of purchasing the car and getting things organized was perfect. We had arranged to view the vehicle during our second day in Auckland and were going to take it with us straight away if we liked what we saw.

Steve picked us up from the nearest train station, then we had time to inspect the vehicle the team had prepared for us. It was exactly what we had in mind. There was a mattress for sleeping, pillows, a huge range of kitchen equipment, 2 chairs and a table. Everything was brand new and was in really good shape and clean. Buying a car and registering it in New Zealand is easy as, so one of Steve’s workers took us to an nearby registration place (on a Saturday) and the car was ours.

We drove the vehicle for 16,000 km and it never had any issues. Half way through we did get an oil service done. We wanted to make us of the vehicle until the very last day and therefore decided to use Chilli Rental’s offer to sell the car for us for a pre-determined price. Three weeks prior to our departure we contacted Steve and arranged to meet him in person 3 days before we left New Zealand in April. At that time Chilli Rentals could already have a good look at the vehicle and we agreed on a price that was acceptable for all of us, 50% of the original purchase price. The money was to be transferred early August at the beginning of the season. We noted everything down in a contract.

We have to say that the purchase price of the vehicle was a lot higher during high season in September/October, compared to the end of the season in March/April. Had we gone and sold our car privately, we would have made just as much of a loss. It’s just what happens when you travel New Zealand during the busiest time of the year. However, it was safest way for us, and we had until the very last day to drop off the vehicle back at Steve’s. This way we could make the most of our time in New Zealand.

We did meet travellers that wasted a lot more time on purchasing and selling their vehicles and lost up to a week because of it. Buying and selling from private owners might be an option, but we really enjoyed the minimum time and effort we had to put into sourcing a vehicle, the perfect service and buying from a reputable car dealer. It was worth the investment.

Chilli did not disappoint us and we would make the same choices again.

All the best for you, guys, and greetings to Steve!

Michael B.