Chilli Rentals vehicles compared

To help you decide which campervan suits your needs best, we have compiled a table showing all our campervans in direct comparison. Have a look at how many people you are travelling with, how much space you need and what you can afford.

NOTE: If you require a car seat for your child/ren, please let us know upon booking. Chilli Rentals is happy to supply a car seat in accordance with New Zealand safety regulations, however, we may not have your desired model in stock. If in doubt, we kindly recommend you bring your own car seat along.

Chilli Rentals does not alter the prices between high and low season. You get the same quality all year round and don’t have to worry about paying more for our service just because things get a bit busy!


: means that the equipment is available
: means that the equipment is NOT available


column 2 “travelers – people”: number of people that will be able to travel in the car, children included – 2+1 stands for: ideal for two adults and one child

column 3 “travelers – children”: states whether a child restraint can be hired and mounted into the vehicle – please advice us upon booking whether you do need a child restraint and how many (NOTE: children are required to be in a car seat until they are at least 7 years old according to New Zealand law!)

column 4 “sleeping – vehicle”: number of adults that can easily sleep in the vehicle – value in brackets indicates if more people could find room (NOTE: adding another person will not allow for much room, we therefore recommend choosing a vehicle that will easily sleep the number of people travelling in your group!)

column 5 “sleeping – roof mounted tent”: number of people that will be able to sleep in the tent mounted onto the roof (NOTE: our VROOMS do NOT have the capacity to sleep anyone in the vehicle!)

column 6 “camper – kitchen”: states if there is a kitchen available or not

column 7 “camper – Self Cont.”: states if the camper has a Self Contained Certificate or not


Vehicle drop off has to be made from 10am till 2pm. If vehicle is returned late by up to an hour we charge another half day of the rental fee. If vehicle drop off occurs after more than 1 hour up to 4 hours delay another full day is charged. If the hirer fails to notify us of any late returns beforehand and makes no contact with Chilli Rentals we reserve the right to report the vehicle as stolen. Any subsequent charges and costs will be taken off the bond.


Booking Fee

For every booking with Chilli Rentals, whether you’re renting or buying a car or campervan, a non-refundable booking fee of $150 incurs.
This fee is being used for all the things that come with looking for the right car: organisation, planning, inspection, cleaning and mechanical repairs. We pride ourselves with offering high quality vehicles and always ensure that everything is in order at the time of pick-up, that the vehicle is fully equipped with all the necessary gear and that there are no safety issues.

Advanced Payment

When you decide to make a booking or buy a vehicle from us we ask for a down payment of $450. This is a security deposit in case of a no-show. Unfortunately it does happen sometimes that we invest a lot of time and effort into finding the right vehicle – only to be stood up.
But don’t worry. Once you have inspected your vehicle and decide to rent or buy the $450 will be credited against your final bill.

PayBack (if you using the Euro account)

The exchange rate for returning your bond will be determined on the day we receive your payment in our German Chilli Rentals bank account.

Additional Tent

Additional tents are available upon request and at an additional fee of $60 applies.

Maintenance costs

Cost to pay for loss or breakages of supplied equipment in rental vehicles (*)

GPS system$200
chilly bin$50
vehicle stereo front panel$200
emergency battery pack$200
DVD-player (if fitted)$300
chairs$20 each
water container$30
camp table$100
storage bins$35
cooking stove$50

* if supplied!

* All prices are displayed in $NZ.