Welcome to Chilli Rentals and Cars!!!

We are a small family run business based in Auckland. 2014 sees a new season of Chilli Campers to rent as well as to buy. We have been busy preparing some great vehicles to a high standard for those who prefer to rent rather than buy.

*Check out our list of vehicles available to buy*

Last season we have served customers from Germany, Israel, and North America. We pride ourselves on our caring and helpful attitude and we look forward to the next season. Whether you would like to rent or buy, we are always here to help and advise you when you come to New Zealand.

Chilli Rentals’ birth as a company came about from over 30 years of experience of sourcing and supplying all kinds of motor vehicles for customers here in New Zealand and across Europe.

Over the past few years we have forged a fantastic working relationship with the German/New Zealand company Work-Travel-Fun New Zealand, based in Auckland. With its director Andre Kollai we have successfully supplied many recreational vehicles to European travellers while exploring this great country we call home.

We are now using all that experience and knowledge to provide a small range of stylish vehicles with the capability of comfortably sleeping 2 to 3 people and including all the safety features and comforts needed for an exciting and memorable vacation. Incorporate that with a personal service second to none and deals as hot as Chilli!

We look forward to seeing you this season.